New ‘One Shot’ Mode Now Available For Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

by Kimberley Wallace on Dec 26, 2014 at 09:37 AM

One Shot is a team mode that’s for snipers only. You start matches with decreased health and pick a highly-specialized class. “Each class features the MORS, a bolt-action railgun sniper, along with a variety of perks, Scorestreaks, and Exo abilities,” Sledgehammer writes in its blog post.

You have five classes to choose from: hard scope, zoomed, 4X, aced, and irons. You can visit Sledgehammer’s blog post to get the nitty-gritty on each class.

Interested? If you participant starting today through the weekend (12/26 through 12/29 9AM PST), you will received double XP.


[Source: Sledgehammer via IGN]



Our Take:
If you're a fan of sniping, this mode should give you your fix. For more aggressive players, existing modes may be more your style. Nonetheless, the double XP is enough incentive to give it a test run.