Get This Adorable Rabbit Plush As A Story Of Seasons Pre-Order Bonus

by Kimberley Wallace on Dec 26, 2014 at 08:19 AM

Xseed has been hard at work localizing the next Bokujō Monogatari title, Story of Seasons. As a little treat, the developer showed off one of the new animals from the popular farming sim: The Angora rabbit, who also has its own plush.

Everybody loves a good video game plush, right? Check out this little furball, the Angora rabbit. The brand-new Angora rabbit nestles in the coops with the chickens, and they're likely to drop some loose strands of hair that you can weave into clothing. 

The pocket Angora rabbit pictured above is yours as along as you pre-order Story of Seasons. Story of Seasons has yet to have an official release date, but Xseed said all previous pre-orders should reflect the plush bonus. 

Xseed also showed off Angora goats, camels, elephants, and more. 

Read about all the new additions on Xseed's development blog.