Download A Song From Xenoblade Chronicles X's Soundtrack

by Kimberley Wallace on Dec 26, 2014 at 08:55 AM

RPG fans have been anxiously awaiting Xenoblade Chronicles X, a spiritual successor to the fantastic Xenoblade Chronicles.

Unfortunately, the game has been largely under wraps outside of few trailers and a live demo at this past E3. But for those who want to get into the spirit of this grand sci-fi adventure, Monolith Soft updated its website with an extended version of the music featured in the E3 2013 trailer.  

You can download the track here and rock out.

Monolith's open-world Xenoblade Chronicles X is still listed for a release in 2015. Hopefully, we'll hear more about it in the coming months.

[Source: Xenoblade Chronicles X website via Siliconera]