[Update] WWE SuperCard Adds New Mode For Free

by Matthew Kato on Dec 23, 2014 at 03:36 AM

It wouldn't be a big bout if it didn't include some surprise cameos. WWE SuperCard, 2K Games' free-to-play card grappler on iOS and Android devices, is getting a new game mode called Road to Glory.

Road to Glory uses a 22-card deck, where you take on increasingly difficult superstars. Survive with the most points after four rounds and you win against that wrestler. Rewards in the mode include earning superstar cards of various rarity levels. Road to Glory also features tag team diva matches, and it raises the overall card limit to 120 cards.

The mode is free and is in the game's latest update, but it does cost a bout to play Road to Glory matches. Bouts can be purchased or are regenerated every 15 minutes. The first Road to Glory preview event starts today at 4 pm Central time, and the active play period starts on Christmas (2 am Central) through Tuesday, December 30 (2 pm Central).

According to 2K, SuperCard is the company's most successful free-to-play mobile title, and currently the company boasts that it is nearing the five-million download mark.

Note: Specifics regarding the exact times for the mode have been added to the original text.


Our Take
Time-gated currency that pushes you towards paying is never fun, but given that this is a free title anyway, getting a new gameplay mode is pretty cool.