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reader discussion

Reader Discussion: Do You Prefer Episodic Structure?

by Kyle Hilliard on Dec 21, 2014 at 07:05 AM

Telltale delivers all of its games in episodes and Resident Evil Revelations 2 is adopting the structure. Do you prefer it?

I understand the advantages of episodic delivery on the development side of video games, but as a consumer and player, I much prefer the traditional "everything at once" delivery. My game playing opportunities usually appear periodically and unpredictably in large chunks rather than on a consistent schedule, as episodic games favor. Also, having to leave a game behind for a few weeks and then re-enter it breaks the immersion and also forces you to relearn how to play the game.

What about you? Do you like playing games in crafted chunks spread out over a long period of time? Or do want everything all at once so you can make as much progress as possible?