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Project Spark Shares Its 25 Favorite User Created Levels Of 2014

by Kyle Hilliard on Dec 20, 2014 at 04:39 AM

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Though its only been fully released for about three months, hundreds of thousands of levels have already been created in Project Spark, and developer Team Dakota has whittled the list down to their favorites.

You can check out its list of 25 favorite levels alongside the creator's gamertags.

25. Home Alone – Short Dark Stories (by nelsonjav)
24. Project Project Spark (by DavidJCobb)
22. The Necromagical Pumpkin Patrol (by charlotti)
21. Take the Blue One (by Ralme)
20. Super Spark 64 (by Rodrigo Bezzi)
19. Prologue - Escape from Vilkas (by II Loomis II)
18. Stuff and Things – A Game (by NieNieChu)
17. Murder is Random v1.1 (by LadyLexUK)
16. Eve’s Story (by Holy LightRider)
15. Gradius Fox (by Paradoxmoomoose)
14. Godzilla v3.0 (by Rust Plague)
13. Ultimate Frisbee (by Ianlrod)
12. Soundodger (by MindcraftMax)
11. #ARM Kingdom in Peril (by ST Aabra)
10. Stallion (by ValTrust)
9. Super 16+ (by Defco 7T)
8. Treys Adventure (by AnteRehn)
7. Pixel Run (by Chrisco)
6. Short Film in Space (by x4ormulA1Rac3rx)
5. Little Big Plan It (by Mr Xbob)
4. Orbit 32 – Void Origins (by Wertandrew2)
3. #ARM The Cynbal Wars (by xx1MAN1RIOTxx)
2. R.T. (by Spawn N8NE)
1. Dark Mines (by GrzesiekBialek)

For our review of Project Spark, head here. Surprisingly, the Crash Bandicoot levle that I poured my heart and soul into, did not make the list. You can see the level below in our Project Spark Test Chamber.

The next big update for the Project Spark, the Epic Artist World Builder pack, is coming soon. You can find out more about it here.

[Source: Project Spark]


Our Take
One of the things I liked about Project Spark was how it was good at surfacing the best creations from others. I also appreciate how Team Dakota is going the extra mile by curating more of its favorites of the year in list form.