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Notch Wins Bidding For $70 Million House Over Jay-Z And Beyonce

by Matt Helgeson on Dec 18, 2014 at 02:24 PM

Jay-Z and Beyonce had their hearts set on this Bevery Hills mansion – but Minecraft creator Notch ended up the winner.

This $70 million property has been the subject of a lot of interest, and until recently Jay-Z and Beyonce were told that they were the winning bidders. However, some last minute wrangling by Notch, including apparently bribes in the form of "cases of Dom Perignon," won the day.

It's quite the property. Let's take a tour.

Here's the front door. As you can see, there is room for plenty of luxury cars in the garage. I drive a Scion.

Here's your typical living room with a giant picture of Marilyn Monroe and a panoramic view of L.A.

A giant gun! It's probably made of platinum or unobtanium something.

Here's the pool area. I hope those couches are synthetic leather so they don't get ruined in the rain!

Another shot of the pool (replace models with 38-year-old dudes in hoodies).

No home is complete without a replica of James Dean's motorcycle. I have one myself.

I wonder how many bottles of Yellowtail Shiraz this wine cellar holds?

Candy Room! Be honest, Notch, this is the only reason you bought this house.

The theater room should a pretty good mancave for gaming. I have a 36-inch LG with a dead pixel.

[Source: Curbed L.A.]

Our Take
This story seems to confirm rumors we've been hearing in the industry for sometime. Apparently, Notch is quite wealthy. Games have definitley arrived, and this is further proof.