Smite To Be Playable On Xbox One At World Championships

by Mike Futter on Dec 17, 2014 at 08:31 AM

Hi-Rez Studios has announced that its Xbox One-bound MOBA Smite will be playable on that platform by the public for the first time soon. The game will make an appearance at the title’s World Championships event in January.

Eight teams will be competing for $1.7 million January 9 through 11. Visitors to the event will be able to catch the action live and try Smite on Microsoft’s latest console first.

Hi-Rez says that the Xbox One version will also have tournaments, with hopes that it will find purchase in the competitive scene on that platform. For more on Smite on Xbox One, you can read PC editor Dan Tacks’ take on why its an important title for the platform. A beta is planned for early 2015.

[Source: Xbox Wire]


Our Take
I’ve dabbled in MOBAs and have enjoyed what I’ve played so far. I know I’m more likely to find a regular group to play with on console though, so I’m eager to check out Smite when it hits Xbox One.