First Look At Four-Player Grand Theft Auto Online Heists Arriving In 2015

by Mike Futter on Dec 16, 2014 at 03:39 AM

Rockstar is finally giving more detail about the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto Online heists, but if you’re hoping for a release date, we’re going to pop that bubble right now. They aren’t going to be available until early 2015.

Rockstar has shared details with IGN about how heists will work in a multiplayer setting. Players will be able to group with three friends to plan and execute multi-tiered missions.

You’ll all need to be at least rank 12, and the leader needs a high end apartment (so you have room to plan). The execution for the boss seems complex, as Lester will only contact the leader.

From there, you’ll need to rally the team and handle the nuanced details, including assigning cuts to each player. If you’re a member of the crew, you’ll get cash up front. If you’re the leader, you don’t get paid until the entire chain of jobs is complete.

Grand Theft Auto Online will launch with five different heists consisting of a total of twenty different pieces. Rockstar pegs the added gameplay time at about 20 hours, but suggests that there is room for extensive replay.

You can check out the reveal trailer above. IGN has more details on what players can expect once heists launch next year. You can read our review of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release of Grand Theft Auto V to find out what's new for current-gen.

[Source: IGN]