The Evil Within DLC To Release Early 2015, New Details Revealed

by Matthew Stolpe on Dec 12, 2014 at 11:51 AM

It’s been a while since we’ve heard what’s going on over at Tango Gameworks, and with good reason. The developer has been hard at work making The Evil Within’s season pass DLC. Over on the Bethblog, the developer finally spoke up about what we can expect from the new content.

As we laid out in our previous coverage, the season pass is comprised of three packs: two story-driven episodes centered on Sebastian Castellanos’ partener Juli Kidman, and a third that lets you play as the game’s already iconic The Keeper.

The Kidman packs are slated to be released first; the first episode, titled The Assignment, is due out sometime in early 2015. Part two of that story, The Consequence, and The Keeper DLC will follow later in the year.

In an interview in that same article, John Johanas, the director of the Kidman DLC, talks about how the content will rekindle the oppressive horror elements of some of the game’s early chapters, while also illuminating new details and discoveries about The Evil Within’s world. Johanas sites a number of inspirations for the expansion, including Dishonored’s The Knife of Dunwall and Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare. Could that be a coy hint that the Kidman content will offer a revisionist look at The Evil Within's events?

Head on over to the Bethblog for more details on season pass DLC. If you're interested in purchasing the season pass, it's available for $19.99 from most digital marketplaces.

[Source: Bethblog]