#IDARB Will Be Free For Xbox Gold Members In February, Other Ocean Giving Away Copies Now

by Sam Stewart on Dec 11, 2014 at 06:55 AM

Other Ocean's crowd-developed #IDARB will be releasing on Xbox One in February for free as a part of Microsoft's Games with Gold program. #IDARB, which is a competitive multiplayer game in the vein of Smash Bros. and NBA Jam, was developed using ideas from Other Ocean's fans and friends. The game lets you create your own player sprite , teams, flags, and even music. Check out the (somehow familiar) trailer below to get a short preview of the gameplay.

#IDARB is a game for up to eight players that pits two teams against each other in what is best described as hockey meets basketball in a 2D platformer. It sounds like a simple concept, but the game has a number of unique features, like the ability of the spectators to interfere with a match in real time. Using an applicable device, viewers can type commands like #bomb or #firework into a Twitch or Twitter message and see the game change as a result. 

Although #IDARB doesn't officially release until February, Other Ocean developers will be giving out early launch codes for the game early through Twitter and Twitch. Some players who have received early copies are already streaming on Twitch, so go disrupt their game if you want a better idea of how the spectator features work. 


Our Take
As someone who uses Twitch every single day to watch competitive games like Dota and Super Smash Bros. I love the idea of a game that includes spectators as a part of the action. While I wouldn't recommend this feature for every game in the interest of balance I think #IDARB's use of it is brilliant and I look forward to trying it myself.