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Hear The Super Mario Bros. Theme Performed By A 3D Printer

by Matthew Stolpe on Dec 09, 2014 at 08:30 AM

Nearly everyone's heard some form of Koji Kondo's Super Mario Bros. theme. Even if you've never played a Mario game (shame on you!), the infectious song has been played and remixed more times than Mario has saved Peach. YouTube user Ian Schlueter has a decidedly different take on the tune: Super Mario Bros. in 3D printer minor.

3D printers don't traditionally make music, but if you have one lying around the house, you can hack it to. All you need to do is convert a MIDI file into Gcode, the language 3D printers use, and get it to run on your printer. From there, the printer's motors and machinery will make the music. Those of us who don't have a 3D printer can live vicariously through YouTube.

Ian's also got videos showing off the printer doing what it's intended for over on his YouTube page. If you want to see a more creative use of the machinery, check out this video of a 3D printer playing air hockey.

[Source: Youtube via Engadget]