Sons Of Anarchy Game Officially Announced

by Jeff Cork on Dec 08, 2014 at 10:59 AM

In February, Kurt Sutter showed a bit of his outlaw streak by revealing that a game was coming based on his Sons of Anarchy show. At the time, Fox Digital wasn't quite ready to announce anything, and we were left hanging. Today, everyone seems to have their stories straight. Developer Orpheus Interactive has officially announced that Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect will be arriving on mobile devices next year.

The game is being developed with help from another studio, Silverback Games. Together, they'll be telling the story of a previously unknown charter of the Sons MC, with new characters, and a new location.

According to Orpheus, the game is being developed with help from Sutter and his team of writers. Further details are unknown at this time, other than it will be delivered episodically. 


Our Take
The show's finale is tomorrow night, which means viewers will be saying goodbye to SAMCRO after seven seasons. I'm excited to see that the game will be focusing on an all-new crew, in spite of my earlier speculation.

Now there's just the pesky business of the timeline. Is this set after the show, which means the members of the charter will be busy cleaning up after Jax's mess? Or could it be during the show's timeline, which could mean cleaning up any number of other messes. As long as they don't go to Ireland again, I'm happy.