Rally To Destiny's Iron Banner Again Starting December 16

by Mike Futter on Dec 08, 2014 at 02:16 AM

Bungie is preparing for Lord Saladin's return to The Tower. Destiny's next Iron Banner event will begin this month with new gear for the winners.

Everything kicks off on December 16, and event standings will be completely reset. That means your previous reputation drops all the way back down and you'll need to climb over the corpses of your fallen foes to earn the best gear.

Lord Saladin will be handing out Level 31 gear to the winners, but you won't need to own The Dark Below to compete. You will, however, want that gear (or others like it) in order to run the new raid on hard mode in January.

As a reminder, Iron Banner is different than regular multiplayer. In these events, your armor and weapon stats are figured into the damage calculations. You'll want to bring your best gear to win.

The Dark Below is out tomorrow, December 9. For more, check out our preview of the expansion. You can also read up on our run through the PlayStation-exclusive strike, The Undying Mind.

[Source: Bungie]

Our Take

I can't imagine that many who are willing to play in Iron Banner events aren't going to purchase the expansion. If not, those drops requiring the add-on (to boost past 30) are sure to coax out the wallet.