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Twisted Metal And God Of War Creator Announces Drawn To Death With New Studio

by Kyle Hilliard on Dec 06, 2014 at 08:24 AM

After shipping Twisted Metal on PlayStation 3 last year, David Jaffe left Eat Sleep Play (which he co-founded) to form a new studio (The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency), and today we learned what it has been working on.

Drawn to Death (not to be confused with the DS title Drawn to Life) is a multiplayer shooter that takes place inside the notebook of a creative and talented teenage artist.

You will find traditional weapons, but also strange ones like Dodgeball Dan's dodgeball and a small dragon you can feed gasoline to produce a flame thrower. The artist himself can also appear in the game offering support. We saw a realistic hand pouring orange soda over a fighter as well as lifting a fighter into the air.

The game is currently pre-alpha, but it will be playable at the PlayStation Experience. Players will be able to chat with Jaffe and his team after playing to offer feedback.

You can head to, to sign up for an account and receive a rare item when the game releases, as long as they sign up this weekend.