Ubisoft Warns Against Day One Reviews For The Crew

by Mike Futter on Nov 24, 2014 at 03:34 PM

Ubisoft is getting ready to launch its social racing game in just a week, and has today issued a statement about reviews for the title. In short, critics will not have access to the game until it launches on December 2.

“While we totally understand (hey, we read reviews, too!), The Crew was built from the beginning to be a living playground full of driving fans, so it’s only possible to assess our game in its entirety with other real players in the world,” the company writes. “And by other, we mean thousands and thousands and thousands of players – something that can’t be simulated with a handful of devs playing alongside the press. For this very reason, The Crew will be available to media to begin their reviews when the game launches on December 2.”

Ubisoft has had a busy fall, with the release of two Assassins’ Creed games and Far Cry 4 in just the past month. Far Cry 4 suffered from some problems at launch, including a crippling bug on PlayStation 3.

Assassin’s Creed Unity is still under repair, with the most recently uncovered problem focused on a basic social feature. Late last week, Ubisoft shared that a game-breaking bug was caused by adding other players to the in-game friends list.

In its statement, Ubisoft goes so far to warn against early reviews of The Crew. “While we fully anticipate that you might see some reviews immediately at launch – largely built around the preview sessions we facilitated during the past months or the limited content of the closed and open betas – they won’t be based on optimal conditions or reflect the finished game,” the company writes. 

The Crew will be out on December 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. An open beta will start on November 25 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

[Source: Ubisoft]


Our Take
There have been a number of titles with launch problems this fall, but it is far too early to say whether The Crew will launch smoothly. We recommend waiting for the game’s release before making a purchase decision.