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Check Out This Free Minimalist Browser Puzzle Game Called 0h h1

by Bryan Vore on Nov 21, 2014 at 08:50 AM

A developer called Q42 created 0h h1 (a play on "oh hi") for browsers. The self-described "little logic game" tasks players with filling in a colored grid with blue and red tiles. The trick is to have two of both colors in every horizontal and vertical column and row. And you can't repeat any patterns horizontally or vertically. 

A single click makes a red tile while the double click forms blue. If you mess up, the game will explain what rule you've violated. A handy back button undoes your latest turn. A hint eyeball provides tips if you're stuck. Once you're feeling confident you can jump up from 4x4 grids all the way to 10x10.

It's got a little bit of Picross and a dash of Sudoku. Plus, it's easy to get into and the flexible difficulty lets you go with the challenge you're ready for.

Head to the official site to give it a try.