Titanfall Has 7 Million Unique Users, Deluxe Edition Drops In

by Mike Futter on Nov 19, 2014 at 05:35 AM

Update: As we mentioned in the "Our Take" section, unique users does not directly correlate with sales. Rather, it provides a loose understanding for how the game performed.

In a post on NeoGAF, Titanfall producer Drew McCoy shares why we haven't seen sales numbers for the title.  

Titanfall has sold well above expectations, both from to us at Respawn and at EA. I actually don't know if there's been a better new IP release at EA in terms of sales... ever?

EA doesn't release sales numbers anymore. We'd love to release them, but we're not the publisher of the game. This was the best we could do for everyone.

This does not mean 7m sold. This means 7m people have played the game. Yes, this means Destiny and probably Watch Dogs have had more more sales and players. This is not at all surprising, or worthy of shame. Everyone is so supremely proud of the game. More successful than we could have imagined. I could also point out that EA has been on a huge upswing in the market, often attributed partially to how well Titanfall has done.

Alright, thats all I can say. You can go about your normal business of assuming the worst. I've got work to do ;)

Original Story:

EA and Respawn have announced the Titanfall Deluxe Edition for release later this month. The new bundle wraps up the base game and all three DLC packs at a discount.

If you were eyeing the game in March but decided to pass (or haven’t been back in a while), you might be interested to see some of the features that have been implemented along the way (like Frontier Defense). Respawn put together a video to bring you up to speed.

The video makes mention of the fact that the game now has 7 million unique users, the most definition we've had around the title's performance yet. The Titanfall Deluxe Edition is out now for $39.99 on PC and on November 25 for $49.99 on Xbox One (digital only). For more, check out our review from the original release in March.


Our Take
This is the right time for EA to release this bundle, as there are going to be a number of new Xbox Ones in circulation this holiday. This is also the first we’ve gotten a good sense for how many copies of the game have been sold. While unique users don’t translate directly to sales, this gives us a ballpark sense of how the game performed.