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Assassin’s Creed Unity Returns Faces To NPCs Who Have Lost Them

by Mike Futter on Nov 19, 2014 at 03:01 AM

If you have been on the internet at any point in the past week, chances are you have seen horrifying pictures from a recent release. No, we’re not talking about The Evil Within (though that is rather scary).

An odd bug was causing player faces to simply disappear, leaving floating eyes and mouths. Ubisoft says that the issue was related to a small number of video card models.

“In order to find how players are encountering this issue we tested it rigorously and have discovered that this only occurs on PCs with one of two specific graphics cards, and in both cases the issue is resolved with the application of the Day 1 patch (as well as all future patches),” the company says. Now if you want to see missing faces, you’ll need to watch Nicolas Cage and John Travolta duke it out.

Patches are in development for the rest of the problems facing Assassin's Creed Unity. For more on the upcoming "Patch 3," check out our previous coverage.

[Source: Ubisoft, Image courtesy Steam User "Retro_Apoxalypse"]


Our Take
Players should expect at this point to have to download release day patches. The benefit of patching and updating is that it gives developers a chance to fix last minute problems or smooth out tinier wrinkles (or, in this case, actually provide skin to have wrinkles).

The downside is that it opens the door for temptation. This cushion allows games to ship without being complete, and we’ve seen that far too often in just the last couple of weeks.