Destiny Expansion Pass Holders Can Pick Up Their Exclusive Sparrow Today

by Mike Futter on Nov 18, 2014 at 09:30 AM

If you purchased the Destiny Expansion Pass, which includes the first and second DLC packs, you get something extra. Bungie teased the gift last week, and but now you can unwrap it.

The exclusive sparrow is emblazoned with flames, giving it a look like Michael Bay’s Optimus Prime. Don’t hold that against the Tumbler, though.

This speed demon can roll in midair. Just hold the right trigger or R2 and use your left thumbstick to initiate the roll, Maverick.

For more on Destiny, check out the details of the Iron Banner event (going on now). You can also read about the most recent patch. The first expansion, The Dark Below, arrives on December 9.