Here’s What You Can Earn Starting Tomorrow In Destiny’s Second Iron Banner

by Mike Futter on Nov 17, 2014 at 01:55 PM

Lord Saladin is making preparations for his return to Destiny’s Tower, and he’s bringing with him some new goodies. Bungie has announced that the event will begin tomorrow, November 18.

When the event kicks off, you’ll be able to earn up to Rank 5 in the Iron Banner (up from Rank 3 last time out). As we previously covered, your armor and weapons will have a more important role in determining your lethality and survivability.

Bungie has also detailed what you can acquire at each rank. Here’s the rundown:

Click to enlarge.

The Iron Banner comes hot on the heels of the latest Destiny patch, which instituted a number of fixes. Unfortunately, Bungie is also reporting that some PS3 users are unable to connect, with the problem impacting Europe most severely.

The patch also had an unintended impact on some exotic weapons, which is likely to change the complexion of some Iron Banner matches. We’re expecting an update on those accidental adjustments from Bungie.

[Source: Bungie]


Our Take
The changes to some Exotic weapons that came about as a result of today’s patch are sure to leave some players upset. If you were counting on your weapon and the materials you put into upgrading it to carry you through, a little frustration is understandable.