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A Giant Robot Voiced By Mass Effect’s Mark Meer Takes On YouTube’s Finest

by Mike Futter on Nov 17, 2014 at 01:35 PM

Sneaky Zebra, the filmmaking duo of Gary Scullion and Nick Acott, has teamed up with fellow YouTube channels, the Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick, and one angry robot for its latest video. The automaton featured was created by the Stan Winston School & Legacy Effects for Youtube Geek Week and subsequently blown up in action movie fashion.

You’ll likely recognize a familiar voice coming from the menacing mechanoid. That’s Mark Meer, who you might know better as the voice of the male Commander Shepard in Mass Effect (and star of previous Sneaky Zebra videos).

The film features Clinton Jones, Jimmy Wong of Video Game High School, the Screen Team, and Mars Rising. The score was written by Benjamin Squires, who has been featured in a number of Sneaky Zebra’s videos.

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