The Iron Banner Returns To Destiny Soon, Expanded Voice Chat Coming

by Mike Futter on Nov 13, 2014 at 01:28 PM

Bungie is preparing for the return of Lord Saladin, master of the Iron Banner. When he does make his appearance at the Tower once more, Bungie promises that the Crucible events he oversees will be more competitive.

As mentioned previously, you'll need a Fireteam leader at level 20 or higher in order to enter an Iron Banner event. You'll probably want to be at least that yourself, because your gear matters. You can read up on the new wrinkles in the Iron Banner in our previous coverage.

Bungie has also heard requests for voice chat with matchmade teammates. That is coming in beta form very soon. You'll be able to cycle through fireteam and strike chat from the navigation menu (when the Ghost appears above your hand).

Also, if you purchased an expansion pass that includes both the first and second DLC packs, you'll be getting something special as a bonus. Based on the tease, it looks like a unique Sparrow. We'll find out more next week.

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Our Take
Bungie took some heat for the last Iron Banner being a bit underwhelming. I suspect the developer has learned its lesson and will fulfill its promise of matches that heavily take into account armor and weapon strength.

Additionally, I'm not entirely surprised by the change in approach to voice chat. It does fly in the face of what we were told earlier, but looking at it through a positive lens, this is a developer responding to requests from its fanbase.