Ubisoft Twitter Replies Acknowledge Litany Of Assassin's Creed Unity Problems

by Mike Futter on Nov 12, 2014 at 12:50 PM

Now that Assassin's Creed is an entrenched annual series, it's an integral part of how investors react to the publisher. Assassin's Creed Unity released to soft critical reception (though we enjoyed it) and social media has been abuzz with images of glitches (the worst of which can be seen above).

In response, Ubisoft's share value has dropped 9.33 percent today. A cursory look at the Ubisoft and Ubisoft Support Twitter accounts show dozens of responses to users reporting glitches. Many of the replies acknowledge issues with frame rate, co-op play, characters getting stuck in the scenery, the companion app, the AC Initiates website, uPlay, and even receiving Helix credits paid for with real money.

Frame rate and odd graphical bugs, like the missing face problem that has become the latest internet meme, appear to be the most frequent requests. Ubisoft says it is working on fixes for these problems across platforms. We'll update once the publisher has more information available about pending updates.

[Source: Ubisoft on Twitter, Ubisoft Support on Twitter]

Image credit: Mike Mika

Our Take
As publishers streamline their portfolios around fewer franchises, each one becomes that much more important. It was ambitious for Ubisoft to move the series to an annual rotation, especially with how long the games are. To push two out on the same day would have been fine if not for the technical problems that users are reporting. Assassin's Creed needs time to breath, and if Ubisoft hopes to hang on to its fanbase, it can't make this mistake again.