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Mega Ran's Next Album Releasing On CD, Vinyl, and NES Cartridge

by Sam Stewart on Nov 12, 2014 at 06:19 AM

Mega Ran, a popular rapper who makes "chip-hop" versions of classic game songs, recently started a Kickstarter campaign to fund distribution of his documentary Mega Lo Mania as well as his upcoming CD "Wouldn't Miss It For The World". The Kickstarter quickly reached its funding goal and even reached a stretch goal to release a demake version of the album on an NES cartridge.

The CD, which Mega Ran says is, "my best stuff in a long time," features contributions from a long list of artists, including Journey composer Austin Wintory. The film, which garnered positive praise earlier this year, will be released on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, and RedBox soon after the Kickstarter comes to an end. 

Check out Mega Ran's YouTube channel to hear some of his music, and check out his site if you like what you hear.