The Mako And The Citadel Appear In New Mass Effect Concept Art

by Mike Futter on Nov 07, 2014 at 06:52 AM

BioWare has delivered some news and new concept art for the next Mass Effect title. Earlier, the studio revealed more individuals attached to the project. Now we have some visuals to put alongside it.

The images reveal some of the ideas for exploration gameplay (all of them can be clicked to enlarge). The Mako tank will return, but according to the team, it will handle differently than players remember. It also seems to be a big part of the experience as BioWare seeks to recapture the sense of discovery from the first Mass Effect.

Additionally, we got a look at a part of the Citadel we haven’t seen before. It’s no surprise that we’ll return to this important location, but we’ll likely see new places with in it.

The next two images are architecture created by one of the new races being introduced into the franchise. The first is a habitable space, while the other conveys a sense of danger.

Mass Effect isn't just about being inside the Mako, though. On foot exploration is still an important part of the franchise as players craft their story.

Finally, BioWare took us to space, showing an enormous installation or ship with a smaller vessel approaching. There was no teaser or even in-game assets shown, but as we already know, the game is already in a playable state (just not by the public or press).


Our Take
The wait for the next Mass Effect title suddenly feels very long. At least we have Dragon Age: Inquisition for our BioWare fix coming in less than two weeks.