blizzcon 2014

Blizzard’s Newly Announced Overwatch Blends Team Fortress And Battleborn

by Mike Futter on Nov 07, 2014 at 08:22 AM

Blizzard surprised fans at its Blizzcon event today with the announcement of a brand new game. Overwatch is a team-based objective shooter that appears to combine elements of Team Fortress with MOBAs. The result is something looks akin to Gearbox’s upcoming “hero shooter” Battleborn.

Blizzard introduced fans to the world of Overwatch with a flashy cinematic, but the is beta starting in 2015 (with no specific timing other than “soon”). The game is playable at Blizzcon, and the publisher showed off gameplay and 12 characters, each with different abilities.

There’s not much detail yet about how matches are set up, but there is a mix of melee and ranged combat. Characters are differentiated closer to MOBAs than other team-based shooters, with different abilities (including some that can fly), the power to deploy turrets and teleporters, or simply get a bead on foes from across the map. 

You can check out character screens below. We’ll have more from Blizzcon.