Platinum Games Shares Its Bayonetta Nintendo Costumes Concept Art

by Kyle Hilliard on Nov 02, 2014 at 08:51 AM

Platinum Games has released a collection of concept art images detailing the process of creating Bayonetta's assorted Nintendo costumes.

You can check out the gallery of images below or on Platinum Games' blog here. The designs were handled by Yong-Hee Cho who writes, "It all started one day when Kamiya walked up to my desk and said, ‘Hey Cho. Draw Bayonetta in a Princess Peach outfit for me. Thanks.’"

Cho also writes about suggesting Bayonetta's transformation into a Morph Ball when dressed as Samus, and how he drew Link Bayonetta in a conservative (conservative for Bayonetta, anyway) outfit, and it was Nintendo who actually pushed it to be more risque.

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[Source: Platinum Games, via Polygon]


Our Take
It's always interesting to track the design process of character (like we see here with Infamous Second Son's Fetch) as well as get even a tiny little bit of insight of working with Nintendo, which is typically shrouded in mystery.