Destiny's Xur Has Something Special For Halloween If You Wear A Costume

by Mike Futter on Oct 31, 2014 at 04:41 AM

Destiny's weekend merchant, Xur, has returned to the tower as he does every Friday. This time, he's bringing a special treat for all the little Guardians in costume.

First, you need to have one of the Jackolyte consumable items that were delivered to your mailbox. Head over to the Postmaster if you haven't nabbed them yet. 

Once you look like I did in the screenshot above, head over to Xur. He's hanging out near the entrance to the Vanguard hall. In addition to his normal wares, if you've activated a Jackolyte, you'll be able to purchase something called "Flight of Shadows" for one strange coin.

Click to enlarge.

The item will change the way you look as you're waiting for a respawn for 24 hours. If you've got spare strange coins burning a hole in your pocket (they are warm to the touch, after all), here's a limited time goody you can waste one on.

Thanks to reader Anthony for the news tip.


Our Take
This is just a little something to make Xur's visit more interesting this week. Remember though, a fool and his strange coins are soon parted.