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Fan-Made Illbleed Movie Trailer Delivers Campy Insanity

by Sam Stewart on Oct 29, 2014 at 01:05 PM

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Fans of obscure survival horror games (or Super Replay) will immediately recognize the name Illbleed, the title of a bizarre Dreamcast survival horror game which, despite being a financial failure has garnered a cult following thanks to its B-movie style and story. To honor that B-movie style, the team over at Megasteakman has created a live-action grindhouse style fan trailer complete with accurate outfits, terrible voice acting, and plenty of references to the game. 

The content in the video below is potentially NSFW so be mindful of where you are watching.

Megasteakman is a comedy troupe that make videos about video games, film, and pop-culture in general. Check out their YouTube channel to see more examples of their work.