Destiny’s Next Iron Banner Event Requires A Level 20 Fireteam Leader

by Mike Futter on Oct 27, 2014 at 11:04 AM

Destiny’s Iron Banner event was intended to place significantly more weight on the power and protection of your weapons and armor. The end result didn’t match the expectations though, with the experience feeling a bit anemic.

In response, Bungie says that the next event will place more importance on the quality of your gear. You’ll need a fireteam leader of at least level 20 in order to enter an Iron Banner player-vs-player match. Lower level players can join too, but they will likely face stiff competition on the basis of gear quality. 

Bungie is also addressing the issue of players quitting during Iron Banner matches. Next time out, you’ll be rewarded a “Medallion of Iron” for a loss. Each will be converted to reputation upon your next victory. This should get players to finish out the fight.

You may have also noticed that Iron Banner bounties pushed players into specific fighting scenarios a bit too hard. These will be tuned down next time out, with reward values getting an increase, too.

Finally, two new mechanics are coming in the next event. The first is the ability to reforge Iron Banner drops (including those earned last time). You’ll be able to get a new set of upgrades attached, but if you’ve already leveled the weapon, you’ll lose any and all progress. This will cost motes of light (a currency accepted by the weekend salesman, Xur).

The second new mechanic is called “Tempered,” a 12-hour reputation buff that will allow you to earn more rapidly. Tempered will increase in potency throughout the week as a way for those who can’t devote work or school time to Iron Banner but still want to earn some of the gear. 

Your rank will also carry over from last time, so you won’t be starting from scratch. Iron Banner rank is being increased to a new maximum of level five for the next event, too.

[Source: Bungie]


Our Take
It’s good to see Bungie responding to the criticisms it received in the last major event. The fix for quitting is smart and will hopefully achieve the desired goal. Introducing Tempered and Reforged are also ways to better respect players’ time during a limited event.