Hearthstone In The Cards For Android Tablets In 2014, Phone Versions In Early 2015

by Mike Futter on Oct 21, 2014 at 09:20 AM

If you’re an Android tablet user who has been waiting for Hearthstone, you’ll be able to play soon. Blizzard confirms that the popular digital collectible card game is coming to Android in 2014.

Unfortunately, the iPhone and Android phone versions won’t be along before the end of this year. You’ll be able to play on those devices some time in early 2015. 

“It’s very important to us that the phone experience for Hearthstone is just as accessible as the tablet and PC versions,” the Hearthstone team writes. “One of the biggest challenges with that is revamping the user interface so it feels intuitive and offers the same quality Hearthstone experience, but this time from the palm of your hand.”

Earlier this year, Blizzard celebrated 20 million players for its small-team project. The developer says that over 2 billion hours have been played across all registered users. 

More Hearthstone news is coming at Blizzcon next month. If you haven’t yet purchased tickets to attend, it’s too late, but you can still participate with a virtual ticket.

[Source: Blizzard]


Our Take
Productivity around the world will slow when Blizzard releases Hearthstone for phones. I’m hopeful that Activision Blizzard will reveal a bit about monetization on its upcoming earnings call. I suspect that Hearthstone has been an enormous success, especially when you consider the small team and relatively low expenses that made it happen.