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Bethesda And Titan Books Are Assembling All Of Skyrim's Texts Into Official Tomes

by Mike Futter on Oct 21, 2014 at 07:21 AM

Bethesda is teaming up with Titan Books for two series of books intended to bring a bit of The Elder Scrolls series into the real world. The five books are written “in-universe” and focus on the history of Tamriel and the accumulated works found within The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tales of Tamriel will appear as two volumes, with the first focused on the land and the second centered on the lore. These books will include original art and stories about The Elder Scrolls Online factions and the invasion of Molag Bal.

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The Skyrim Library collection three books is an assemblage of the in-game books and texts. That set is broken up into history, creatures, and the arcane. No prices have yet been revealed for the books, which should be released in March 2015.

[Source: Bethesda]