Digital Extremes: No Changes To Leadership Following Majority Acquisition By Chinese Firms

by Mike Futter on Oct 16, 2014 at 05:05 AM

Digital Extremes, the developer of Warframe and The Darkness II, has announced that a majority of its outstanding shares have been acquired by two Chinese firms. Multi Dynamic Games Inc. (a subsidiary of Sumpo Food Holdings Limited) and Perfect Online Holding Limited (a subsidiary of Star Trek Online publisher Perfect World) will purchase 61 percent of Digital Extremes.

The deal comes with a commitment to bring Warframe to Chinese consoles. Perfect World, which will own 3 percent of the company following the close of the deal, is also bringing Cryptic’s Neverwinter to Chinese Xbox Ones. 

In a post on the official forums, game director Steve Sinclair addressed concerns and lays out how the deal will impact the company and Warframe. “For me, it’s business as usual, with zero changes in DE management and no outside interference whatsoever,” he writes. “For you, I hope you read the deal and realize it’s not the doomsday scenario you may fear. I hope you agree to at least wait and see what it means and I hope you engage with us and our community on what is important to you as a player as Warframe and Digital Extremes grows from this partnership.”

Sinclair also says the deal will provide new resources that will improve and grow the game. The deal is worth $73.2 million, $69.6 million of which is to be paid by Multi Dynamic Games. The remaining $3.6 million is attributable to Perfect Online.

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Our Take
As we’ve seen many times this year, with Oculus, Twitch, and Mojang, buyouts are scary for fans. The most reasonable approach is to keep playing until and unless things change under new corporate leadership. As a fan, there is no sense in panicking about worst case scenarios that may never come to pass.