Tetris Ultimate Coming First For 3DS, Other Platforms Later

by Mike Futter on Oct 13, 2014 at 05:21 AM

Ubisoft has announced that one version of he upcoming Tetris revival has a release date. The 3DS version is coming on November 11, with a significant discount for digital purchases.

Retail copies of Tetris Ultimate will cost $29.99. The eShop price is $19.99.

The game supports up to four players in competitive play across seven modes, as well as a single-player challenge mode. The title will be coming for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Vita, and PC some time this winter as a digital release.


Our Take
Tetris coming to a Nintendo handheld device before other platforms is poetic. With all the long hours I spent playing the original sickly green version on my GameBoy, Tetris on a 3DS just seems right.