Swery Says D4 Will ‘Never’ Appear On PlayStation 4

by Mike Futter on Oct 01, 2014 at 11:06 AM

Swery’s wacky time-traveling murder mystery D4 got a surprise release during TGS. If you’ve got an Xbox One, you can buy and play it right now. If you don’t, well, you’re going to need an Xbox One if you hope to ever play it.

Swery, whose real name is Hidetaka Suehiro, responded to a fan request about other platforms. Responding on Twitter, Swery says that there will “never” be a PlayStation 4 version. In response to a question about a PC version, Swery simply says that he needs to do PR for D4 and uses the hashtag “#SaveD4.”

D4 is an episodic title, so there is more coming for Xbox One. Check out our review to find out more about the quirky title.

[Source: Swery on Twitter (1), (2)]


Our Take
D4’s surprise release didn’t give Microsoft time to promote the game. Especially given how weird it is, a bit more explanation and build-up might have benefitted sales. I’m curious to give it a shot, especially since it ditched mandatory Kinect integration, but I don’t have the love for Deadly Premonition that makes it a must-play right now.