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Final Fantasy XV Demo Coming In 2015

by Joe Juba on Sep 17, 2014 at 03:23 PM

Gamers have been waiting to play Final Fantasy XV for a long time, but a chance to sample the gameplay is coming soon. A downloadable demo for the next numbered Final Fantasy will be available in 2015, and lets players see some opening sections of the game in action.

Square Enix is calling the demo Episode Duscae, and though it focuses on the early parts of the game, some elements of the progression have been altered in order to make it more suitable for a demo experience.

Some players will be able to get Episode Duscae for free thanks to a voucher included with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, which releases on March 17 in North America. A representative from Square Enix could not confirm that the demo will be available the exact same day as Type-0 HD, but it will be coming to both PS4 and Xbox One when it does release.


Our Take
For the prospects of Final Fantasy XV when it releases in full, this really needed to happen. For years, all we have seen of the game is cryptic trailers and minimal updates. The time for teasing is over; we've reached the point where gamers just need to see Final Fantasy XV in action, and I'm glad that Square Enix has realized that. Hopefully, after playing the demo, everyone who has been looking forward to this game since its reveal in 2006 can have some renewed hope for its future. As long as Episode Duscae doesn't release too long after Type-0 HD, at least.