Destiny Sales Top $325 Million Worldwide, Over 100 Million Hours Played So Far

by Mike Futter on Sep 17, 2014 at 05:17 AM

Last week, Activision touted that over $500 million copies of Destiny have been shipped to retail. Today, we know that a majority of those have been sold through to customers.

The publisher announced sales of $325 million in the game’s first week. This puts sales estimates at over 5 million copies in circulation.

Activision says that over 100 million hours have been recorded for online play. That averages out to just under 20 hours per player in only a week’s time. Activision says that is on par with Call of Duty launch weeks.

Of course, with the game’s first raid, the Vault of Glass, taking a team of six players ten hours to accomplish, it’s understandable how the time is ticking so rapidly. For more, check out our Destiny review.  


Our Take
Activision should be pleased with Destiny’s sales, even if critical reception has been inconsistent. Destiny is a long-term proposition, and I’m curious to see how the community feels about it in three, six, and even twelve months. I look at how perception of Diablo III has changed since its release and suspect we might see the same shifts happening here.