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Reader Discussion: What Would You Buy For $2.5 Billion?

by Mike Futter on Sep 15, 2014 at 10:32 AM

Today, Microsoft announced that it will be closing a $2.5 billion deal to acquire Minecraft developer Mojang. It isn’t the first major gaming acquisition this year, with Oculus going to Facebook for $2 billion and Twitch to Amazon for almost $1 billion.

If you were at the helm of the Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo ships, how would you spend that kind of money? Would you make a grand acquisition? Hire impressive talent? Or just do what you’re doing more efficiently?

We want to hear your suggestions for the big three. Alternatively, you can just tell us what you would do if Publisher’s Clearinghouse dropped off a giant $2.5 billion novelty check. We’re sure those answers will be just as fascinating.