Destiny’s Vault Of Glass Raid Opens At 2 A.M. Pacific Tonight

by Mike Futter on Sep 15, 2014 at 01:51 PM

If you’re a night owl on the west coast or an early bird on the east, you can plan to jump into Destiny’s first raid as soon as it opens. We hope you’re ready though, because even though you can access it at lower than level 26, you probably shouldn’t.

The Vault of Glass raid opens at 2 a.m. Pacific tonight (September 16, 2014). Bungie has reassured fans that the opportunity will be open long-term. It’s not a timed event.

However, the six-person excursion is lengthy and will only save your progress for a week. So, if you haven’t yet hit level 20 and earned enough “light” gear to attempt the raid, don’t fret. 

For more on Destiny, check out our recently posted review. Good luck on your raid, Guardians.

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Our Take
I have never seen end-game content in an MMO. Judge me if you'd like, but I’ve never played one that has held my interest. I’m about to hit level 15 in Destiny and can’t wait to see more of the game and attempt one of these raids. It might not be a traditional MMO, but I’m enthralled with those elements of it nonetheless.