Douglas E. Smith Creator Of Lode Runner Passes Away

by Kyle Hilliard on Sep 13, 2014 at 06:47 AM

Douglas E. Smith, the creator of the classic puzzle game Lode Runner, has passed away.

Released in the early 80s, Lode Runner was a puzzle game where players had to collect collect an assortment of keys while avoiding enemies to unlock a door and move onto the next level.

Tozai Games, who currently holds the Lode Runner license shared the unfortunate news on Twitter and its website. You can also find an interesting timeline for the Lode Runner series on Tozai Games' website detailing the Lode Runner's history from its beginnings as a prototype called Kong, to its most recent re-imaginings on Xbox Live and mobile devices.

[Source: tozaigames, @TozaiGames, via Joystiq]


Our Take
I've always been more of console gamer my whole life, but I do have memories of playing Lode Runner on old Apple II computers at friend's houses. Even though I was young, I quickly understood the game's goal (collect the keys) and recall making it through the first few levels at a time when I still found video games extraordinarily challenging. I was very proud of myself, and will always have happy Lode Runner memories because of it. We offer our condolences to Douglas E. Smith's family and friends, and those who also have fond memories of the Lode Runner series.