Payday 2 Is Getting A Neon-Infused Hotline Miami DLC

by Mike Futter on Sep 12, 2014 at 05:10 AM

Hotline Miami is a hard game to classify. It’s a twitch-based action game, but it also has puzzle and (very) light strategy elements. It’s different than most of what’s available, which is why this latest announcement has piqued our curiosity.

Payday 2 studio Overkill Software has announced a partnership with Hotline Miami developer Dennaton Games. The result is Hotline Miami DLC for the co-op heist game.

All we have to go on right now is this teaser, but (neon) color us curious about just how these two puzzle pieces are going to fit together. Sure, Hotline Miami masks seem like a given, but there has to be more… right?

We'll find out no later than September 30 with the DLC hits the PC version of Payday 2. For more, check out our review of the title from last year.