Three Pikmin Shorts Will Debut At The Tokyo Film Festival

by Mike Futter on Sep 11, 2014 at 09:59 AM

The Pikmin series might not sit atop Nintendo sales charts, but it does have a loyal following and adorable characters. Franchise creator (and famed Nintendo designer) Shigeru Miyamoto is putting the diligent, plant-like workers to task on a new project.

Variety reports that Miyamoto has produced three short films featuring the Pikmin and Captain Olimar. “The Night Juicer” features Olimar making his favorite beverage, “Treasures in a Bottle” depicts the Pikmin encountering a new object, and “Occupational Hazard” brings the creatures to a construction site.

The films will debut at the Tokyo Film Festival at the end of October. Pikmin was first released on the Gamecube in 2001. The original title and its sequel saw re-releases on the Wii under the “New Play Control” banner.

Pikmin 3 was released in 2013 to critical acclaim (including a positive review from Game Informer). Captain Olimar and the Pikmin have also appeared in the Super Smash Bros. series, and are featured on the roster of the upcoming entry for 3DS and Wii U.

[Source: Variety]


Our Take
The Pikmin have an air of mystery and wonder about them that makes them perfect for animated films. My hope is that there is no speech in these movies, so those of us in non-Japanese speaking countries will be able to enjoy them as soon as they are released. I’m curious to see what Miyamoto-produced animated films starring the Pikmin looks like.