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Microsoft Offers To Replace Excessively Noisy Xbox Ones

by Matt Bertz on Sep 09, 2014 at 12:00 PM


Is your Xbox One making too much noise? Microsoft is listening, and ready to do something about it.

After reports surfaced of people complaining about excessively noise Xbox Ones, Microsoft is taking a proactive approach by offering to replace those defected units.>When we reached out a Microsoft spokesperson we received this response:

“We have heard that a small number of Xbox One owners in some situations may hear a noise from the console that is too loud. While this does not affect the safety or functionality of the system, we’re asking customers who believe they are experiencing this issue to contact Xbox Support. At the request of our customers, we are exchanging those consoles for new systems.”


Our Take
After its slow response to dealing with defective Xbox 360s last generation, it's nice to see Microsoft be pro-active about this much less critical issue affecting a small number of consoles.