Twilight Princess Link Stands Ready For Your Shelf

by Matt Miller on Sep 03, 2014 at 01:40 PM

It’s always nice when toy makers opt to release cool figures from a great game, rather than always going back to the well of movies, comics, and cartoons. In this case, Dark Horse is the North American distributor for this beautiful sculpt of Link from Twilight Princess, which stands at an impressive 10 inches in height. The figure will run you between $70 and $80 (depending on retailer) if you want it for your home collection.

If you’re really looking to punish your wallet, you could also pick up the accompanying Twilight Princess Ganondorf figure, who has a good two-inch height advantage on his sparring partner, Link. You can purchase Link or Ganon direct from Dark Horse, or find both hero and villain from a third-party toy store like BigBadToyStore.

Click on either Link or Ganondorf image in this story to see the full figure.