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Heavenly Sword And DmC Dev Helping With Disney Infinity 2.0

by Ben Reeves on Aug 31, 2014 at 05:56 AM

Ninja Theory must be busy, not only did the Heavenly Sword developer just announce a new game, Hellblade, a few weeks ago at Gamescom, but during a Giant Bomb panel at PAX 2014, Disney Infinity 2.0 exec producer John Vignocchi announced that the studio is also working on Disney Infinity 2.0.

During the panel, Vignocchi mentioned that Ninja Theory has been helping out with the game since February, and that Disney approached the team because of their experience with combat systems.

So far, Ninja Theory has been working on villains such as Loki, the Green Goblin, and Ronan the Accuser. The Ninjas have also helped put Princess Jasmine and her sand tornado powers into the game.

Check out the trailer for Ninja Theory's Hellblade here.