PAX Prime 2014

Rift Expansion Adds Nightmare Rifts, Underwater Fun

by Daniel Tack on Aug 29, 2014 at 12:34 PM

Rift’s upcoming free expansion Nightmare Tide will add five new levels to the game, some underwater zones, new areas to explore, and Nightmare Rifts. Instead of catering only to high level players, Nightmare Rifts can spawn anywhere in the world. We took a look at some of the new zones and content at PAX Prime 2014.

Nightmare Rifts are possibly the most exciting item coming with the expansion. These can spawn anywhere, and do not end after several waves and a boss like standard rifts. These rifts can actually go on forever, with each wave getting progressively harder or even summoning raid-style bosses for players to take on.

These Nightmare Rifts can appear anywhere, even in the earlier zones of the game, so players old and new will be able to tackle these infinite encounters. Since they basically can’t be beaten, players are rewarded based on how far they get, and leaderboards will be available for the craziest guilds out there that push the limits to try and conquer 100, 200, or 500 waves of nightmarish encounters.

The underwater areas do not include a breath meter, and are largely a way for Rift’s game designers to highlight vertical space and exploration. There are some picturesque new areas, including an “end of the world” area that resides near the cosmos featuring frozen eldritch horrors.

Also coming in the expansion are a huge list of customizable, collectible companions that players will be able to send out on adventures of varying lengths, be it minutes or hours, and return with goodies for the player. Collectors and completionists are likely to have a lot of fun with this feature.