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Nintendo Unveils New 3DS

by Andrew Reiner on Aug 29, 2014 at 02:50 AM

The 3DS army of machines continues to grow. During this morning's Direct video conference, Nintendo revealed the latest addition: The New Nintendo 3DS. a faster version of the beloved handheld that features better battery life, larger screens, better 3D, and a new "C-stick" analog pad.

The New Nintendo 3DS is slated to release in Japan on October 10 and will be offered two ways: The standard edition (retailing for 16,000 yen ($154), and the XL version for 18,800 yen ($181). Release dates for other territories are yet to be announced.

The standard edition ships in two colors: black and white. The XL version is being offered in a metallic black and metallic white. All of these versions feature new face button colors which mimic the color arrangement from the Super Famicom. The hardware features slight changes, like the game card reader moved to the front of the device along with the stylus and power buttons.

The new C-stick will get an early workout with a number of upcoming games. Dragon Quest X: Online, Monster Hunger 4G, and Final Fantasy Explorers will all use this new control method. The New 3DS will also have built in NFC, to make use of the upcoming Amiibo figures.