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Glut Of Games Announced For PS4 & Vita

by Matthew Kato on Aug 28, 2014 at 08:30 AM

At PAX Prime Sony announced a slew of indie titles coming to the PlayStation 4, Vita, and even the PlayStation TV. Some of the new games are exclusives while others are making their debut on Sony platforms, but all the way around they show the company's continued commitment to indie games.

Salt and Sanctuary (Ska Studios) - PlayStation 4/Vita (2015)

The team behind The Dishwasher franchise and Charlie Murder are bringing this side-scrolling action/RPG title exclusively to the PS4 and Vita next year. The game has a host of weapons and shields, and your loadout not only affects combat, but your ability to tackle the game's platforming.

Alone With You (Benjamin Rivers) - PlayStation 4/Vita (2015)

Home developer Benjamin Rivers returns with an adventure that casts the player as the last colonist for a terraforming project gone wrong. You'll have an A.I. companion that you must work with to "recreate" key dead members of the colony in order to repair the last, damaged escape pod. How you interact with the A.I. and colonists will change how the game ends up.

Desert Ashes (Luc Bernard) - PlayStation Vita/PlayStation TV (Fall)

Desert Ashes is a turn-based, free-to-play strategy title that will allow online multiplayer as well as local multiplayer with PlayStation TV. The game boasts a timer system for online play that you can set so you're not waiting forever for the other player to take their turn. Your army is customizable, and the environments in the game will change with the game's time of day.

Nidhogg (Messhof) - PlayStation Vita (2014)

This game has been out on PC for a while and it's coming to the PlayStation 4, and today it's been announced for the Vita. The handheld version comes out simultaneously with the PS4 version (its exact release date hasn't been announced yet), and you can play PS4 players in cross-platform multiplayer matches. Nidhogg's gameplay is simple-yet-deep fencing where the first player to advance past their opponent and side-scroll to the goal line wins. There's a 3 to 8-player tournament mode, online ad-hoc play, and even the choice for two players to compete simultaneously on a single Vita system.

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer (Playdek) - PlayStation Vita (TBA)

Players in this deck-building title start out by making the best hands they can with the same 10 cards. Cards are taken from a center deck as well as won in the course of play as you use special abilities, runes, and more. Ascension also features solo play, global tournaments, and the developer says it has five expansions all ready to go. Ascension is also a real-life card game, and you can read more about it here.

Dust: An Elysian Tail (Humble Hearts) - PlayStation 4 (TBA)

Dust came out for the Xbox 360 a few years ago, and now it's hitting the PS4 with 1080p and 60 frames per second in tow. Humble Hearts says it's coming "soon," but hasn't given an exact release date. For more on Dust: An Elysian Tail, check out Joe's original review.

Metal Slug 3 (SNK) - PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita (Winter)

SNK hasn't divulged a lot of details about these versions of the game for Sony's platform, but it says that they will feature various online features, so perhaps cross-platform play is in the works.

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