Free Titanfall Update Adds New Mode

by Matt Bertz on Aug 28, 2014 at 09:33 AM

You have to hand it to Respawn and EA. Instead of price gouging dedicated Titanfall fans for every single new piece of content, the developer and publisher have balanced paid expansions with free additions. The latest example of the latter is the inclusion of a new mode called Pilot Skirmish in the sixth content update.

Pilot Skirmish removes Titans from the equation, challenging players to showcase their parkour and shooting skills as pilots in eight on eight matches. With no A.I. fodder to clutter the battlefield, you know every character you see on the screen is a threat. 

The sixth game update also makes the popular Marked for Death mode, which Respawn originally planned to rotate out of the collection, a permanent fixture in the game.

To read about the other changes being made to Titanfall, read the full update on the official site. Look for the update to launch in the near future.


Our Take
Considering EA pledged to drive digital revenue over the $1 billion mark next year, it's nice to see Respawn be sensible about which additions to charge for and which to offer as free upgrades. Keeping the full player pool involved instead of fragmenting the market via microtransactions should keep these player lobbies healthy and make it easier to find matches.